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Here in ANNAIDAM VISUALS you will find quality photography, graphic design and illustration, social media content creating and consulting, as well as website design and developing. ANNAIDAM VISUALS is available in Gothenburg, Sweden and also all over Finland.

My photography services include everything from profile and CV photos to full day wedding photoshoots and corporate photography. You can read more about my services here.

Valokuvaaja Anna Mäkinen
Photo by Annika Niemi


Behind ANNAIDAM VISUALS is a 27-year-old entrepreneur photographer and software engineer student living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have done photography since I was a kid and in 2019 I started doing it as a side job. I graduated from Vocational Qualification in Media and Visual Expression programme in the spring of 2021 and I have special skills also in graphic desing, illustration, social media, and web design. I started studying software engineering in 2022 at the University of Gothenburg.

In my freetime I walk my rescue dog Maisa, make bracelets, knit beanies, socks and sweaters, and practice film photography with my Nikon F3 film camera.

At the moment my favourite photoshoots are the ones with couples and newborn babies! I get excited for pretty much all the photoshoots I get to do and I’m happy to try new and different projects on the way. I believe that the best results are created with positive vibe and excited attitude!

My personal portfolio can be found in annamakinen.fi and you can connect with me in LinkedIn here!

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