Terms and Conditions

The style of the photos

When booking a photoshoot the client has already checked the photographers portfolio and has accepted her style of photography and photo editing. The client understands and accepts that the style of photography may differ by time and/or under the circumstances. The photographer doesn’t guarantee that the photos will be identical/same as previous photos. The photographer will choose the artistic style of the photos under the current circumstances and own judgment.

Delivery of photos

The photographer will deliver the photo proofs in a web gallery 1-2 weeks after the photoshoot. The client will select the agreed number of images of their favourite photos in this gallery. The photographer will only edit the selected photos. The editing includes exposure, white balance, contrast, cropping and light photo manipulation (such as smoothing skin or deleting easier objects in the background) if needed. It is not permitted to save, copy or publish the photo proofs. 


The photo gallery containing the finished photos will be delivered within 2-3 weeks, or within a separately agreed timeframe according to wedding terms and conditions. The delivery time starts after the client has selected and submitted to the photographer, their favourite photos from the photo proof gallery. The finished photos are delivered in a web gallery and they will be available for two months. The photographer stores the photos for six months after the photoshoot and is not required to store the photos after that time.

The copyrights of the photos

The photographer will have all the copyrights of the photos and can use the photos in the portfolio and other work related marketing as well as competitions. The photographer doesn’t need separate permission to use the photos. The client gets an international non-commercial license to the delivered photos. The license will be inherited to the clients offspring.

The client is allowed to publish and print photos for non-commercial use. The client must name and tag the photographer whenever publishing the photos (for example on Facebook, Instagram, newspapers or magazines etc.). The client is required to mention, when publishing, if they have themselves edited the photos after final delivery from the photographer.

By booking a photoshoot the client accepts these terms and conditions.